Emergency Response Vehicles

Calder Valley Search and Rescue Team, runs a fleet of four ambulances with two vehicles, Calder Mobile 1 and 4, stationed at our main base is in Mytholmroyd, in the centre of the Calder Valley. Calder Mobile 3 is based at Copley in the Lower Valley, and Calder Mobile 2 is based in Todmorden in the Upper Valley.

All our team vehicles have an active service life span of about 15 years where possible. This depends on funding and donations. Currently CM4 is the oldest vehicle and due to be replaced in 2017.

If you would like to contribute towards our new vehicles fund, please donate through our Support Us page.

Calder Mobile 1 - Ford Ranger

Calder Mobile 1 is the newest vehicle in the fleet and is based at The Rescue Post in Mytholmroyd. It was purchased with the proceeds of selling one of our Land Rovers and also with the assistance of a generous donation by the "Sarah Royle Trust", CM1 entered service in late 2012.

CM1 has been specially modified for Mountain Rescue service and can carry five team members as well as their personal equipment. This vehicle also carries the bulk of our equipment including a stretcher, a full crag rescue kit, vacuum mattress, scene lighting and advanced first aid equipment.

It’s fitted with an ARB winch bumper, which as it says, has a Warn winch mounted for self-recovery with bars to allow us to potentially abseil off it. Hand built rock sliders to protect the sills whilst driving off road. The mud and snow tyres combination allows the vehicle extra traction in the winter month's however, we also carry a full set of snow chains to allow us to get closer to an incident.

Calder Mobile 2 - Land Rover Defender 110

Calder Mobile 2 is based at Todmorden Ambulance Station and has also been specially converted for Mountain Rescue service and carries up to five team members with their personal equipment. We have recently fitted a Warn winch for self-recovery or recovery of other vehicles should the situation arise.

CM2 has a safari snorkel fitted, which raises the level of air intake to aid the vehicle when driving in off-road conditions.

A Hannibal safari style roof rack allows the team to carry an assembled Bell stretcher in one piece, ready to deploy to an incident allowing faster response times once on-scene.

For added safety and stability, CM2 is fitted with heavy duty, anti-roll bars to improve the ride quality when fully loaded and proceeding to an incident.

CM2 was purchased with the assistance of a generous donation by the West Yorkshire Freemasons, and entered service in early 2011.

Calder Mobile 3 - Toyota Hilux

Calder Mobile 3 is a brand new Toyota Hilux, to replaces one of our ageing Land Rover Defenders which ceased production in 2015. After considerable research, we decided the Toyota Hilux suited our needs the best. The rear body of the vehicle was designed to our exact specification, with the full conversion carried out by Pickup Systems in Burnley.

As with CM1 and CM2, we can accommodate a crew of five people with room to carry all the necessary equipment for search and rescue incidents. This includes all the medical kit, ropes and crag rescue equipment and the Alpine Lite stretcher in a folded state. There is also a separate locker to store the fell party members' personal rucksacks and boots etc.

All the cabinets are accessed by roller shutters and fitted with LED lights. Externally the Hilux is equipped with a front winch, to enable self-recovery of the vehicle or other team vehicles. Also fitted is ARB underbody protection to minimise damage, rock sliders and off-road tyres to cope with all terrains.

Calder Mobile 4 - Vauxhall Movano

Calder Mobile 4 is our incident control vehicle and has been specially fitted out to cope with the various demands of Mountain Rescue work. It is fitted with seven belted seats for travelling to incidents and the control centre, which allows four team members to coordinate incidents and control the deployment of resources with highly detailed maps, created and printed onboard and also the facility to liaise with all emergency services.

It has a 33ft Clark radio mast mounted on the rear door, which allows improved communications. There’s a Fiamma self-standing canopy mounted on the driver side of the vehicle and external mounted table. This vehicle carries the same amount of rescue equipment as the other vehicles, which is stored in the rear of the vehicle, with the all important brew kit of course! CM4 entered service in 2002.

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